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We are an Italian company that has been providing technical furniture for dentist’s and doctors’ surgeries for over 30 years. Our products are of superior quality both regarding the creativity of the designs we offer as well as for the high quality of manufacturing and the materials used. At ZILFOR we place design at the forefront of our creative approach to dental surgery layout, in order to develop a concept of professional furniture that enhances spaces, while upholding the indispensable principle of functionality. The solutions are balanced, in harmony with their surroundings and...

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The PRISM line is very modern in style and, thanks to its wide variety of options available and to the perfect modularity of its elements, it gives the opportunity to choose the base of the units between a system on aluminium legs or with side panels or with a closed base, to the suspended wall solution inspired by a more advanced design. There are various worktops available: laminate, stratified, Corian® or glass which are made of high-performance materials and also easy to clean. There is also a wide range of sinks to choose from. The most important aspect is that each composition...

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Prism - 6

PRISM - SUSPENDED Solution comprenant 4 éléments suspendu avec plan en Corian® et un élément mobile PMR5AT inclus dans la composition. Toutes les portes ont une ouverture touch. Variante bestehend aus 4 abgehängte Modulen mit Corian®Aufsatz und eingebautem PMR5AT Beistellelemente. Alle Türen sind mit einem Tastendruck zu öffnen. Solution made up of 4 suspended items with Corian® worktop and with an element on castors PMR5AT included in the composition. All doors have one-touch opening. Soluzione costituita da 4 moduli sospesi con piano in Corian® e servomobile PMR5AT inserito nella...

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PRISM - ALUMINIUM LEGS Composition comprenant 4 éléments. Version avec pieds en aluminium et plateau en verre. Tiroirs avec poignée. Distributeur mural Slim SMD100 et l’élément mobile PMR5AH. Variante mit 4 Modulen. Ausstattung mit Aluminiumfüßen und Abdeckung aus Glas, Schubladen mit Griff, schmaler SpenderWandeinheit SMD100 und einem Beistellelemente PMR5AH. Composition made up with 4 items: version with aluminium legs and top in glass. Drawers with handle. Slim Dispenser wall unit SMD100 and the element on castors PMR5AH. Composizione a 4 moduli nella versione con piedi in alluminio,...

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PRISM - CLOSED PLINTH Composition comprenant 4 éléments avec socle fermé. Plan en stratifié et vasque en céramique. Portes et tiroirs à ouverture touch et l’élément mobile PMR5AT. Variante mit 4 Modulen, geschlossenem Sockel. Oberseite aus Schichtstoff und Keramik-Becken. Türen und Schubladen mit Tastendrucköffnung und einem Beistellelemente PMR5AT. Composition made up of 4 items with closed plinth. Stratified worktop and ceramic washbasin. Doors and drawers with onetouch opening and the element on castors PMR5AT. Composizione a 4 moduli con basamento chiuso. Piano in stratificato e lavabo...

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PRISM - SIDE PANELS Composition avec 3 éléments fixes et un élément mobile PMR5AH2. Ouvertures avec poignée et base avec des panneaux latéraux. Modules en gris foncé et plateau en verre. Distributeur mural Slim SMD100 avec porte laquée. Variante mit 3 festen Elementen und einem beweglichen Beistellelemente PMR5AH2. Öffnung mit Griff und Boden mit Seitenwänden. Module aus dunkelgrauem und Abdeckung aus Glas. Schlanker Wandspender SMD100 mit lackierter Tür. Composition made up with 3 items with an element on castors PMR5AH2. Openings with handle and the base consists of the side panels. The...

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Prism - 16

PRISM - COMPOSITIONS Composizioni / Compositions / Zusammenstellungen

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SIGILLIS Joint périmétrique hermétique sur tous les tiroirs et portes / Guarnizione perimetrale su tutti i cassetti e le ante / Hermetic perimeter seal on all drawers and doors / Umfangsdichtung an allen Schubladen und Türen OPENING SOLUTIONS MODALITÀ APERTURA ANTE / MODE D’OUVERTURE PORTE TÜRÖFFNUNGSMODUS BASE UNITS BASAMENTI / BASES / UNTERGESTELLE HANDLES CLOSED BASE SIDE PANELS Basamento chiuso / Base fermée / Geschlossene Basis Fianchi laterali / Panneau latéral / Seitenverkleidung MARE 4 Rectangular handle mod. Prism ANODIZED ALUMINIUM FEET Maniglia rettangolare mod. Prism Piede in...

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Prism - 18

TOPS PIANI / PLANS / ARBEITSPLATTEN Glass top with rectangular or round sink, drain and chromeplated mixer tap Glacier White Corian® top with applied sink mod. Moon, integrated backsplash, drain and chrome-plated mixer tap Piano in vetro, con vasca termofusa rettangolare o rotonda, piletta e miscelatore cromato Piano in Corian® con vasca mod. Moon applicata, alzatina raccordata, colore Glacier White, piletta e miscelatore cromato Plan de travail en verre avec evier thermoformée rectangulaire ou ronde, bonde et mitigeur chrome Plan de travail en Corian® avec evier mod. Moond appliquée,...

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Prism - 19

MIXER TAPS MISCELATORI / MITIGEUR / MISCHBATTERIEN Single lever basin mixer Single-lever washbasin mixer without pop-up waste Miscelatore con leva corta Monocomando per lavabo senza scarico Mitigeur de lavabo sans vidage Einhebelmischbatterie mit kurzem Hebel Mischbatterie ohne Abfluss Long lever basin mixer Wash basin mixer Miscelatore con leva lunga Miscelatore lavabo Mitigeur avec levier clinique Mischbatterie mit langem Hebel Long-lever single hole sink mixer Electronic mixer (Only with battery) Monocomando per lavello con leva di comando lunga Miscelatore elettronico (Solo a batteria)...

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Prism - 20

BASINS BACINELLE / INTERIEURS DE TIROIRS / EINSÄTZE 1 sector basin for small drawer Rack low basin for small drawer Bacinella 1 settore per cassetto piccolo Bacinella a rastrelliera per cassetto piccolo Intérieur 1 secteur pour petit tiroir Intérieur avec ratelier pour petit tiroir Einsatz, 1 Unterteilung für kleine Schublade Einsatz mit Instrumentenablage für kleine Schublade Basin 4 sectors for small drawer 1 sector hight basin for medium drawer Bacinella 4 settori per cassetto piccolo Bacinella 1 settore per cassetto medio Intérieur à 4 secteurs pour petit tiroir Intérieur à 1 secteur...

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