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Piezosteril 6 / Piezolight 6
Surgison 2
Versatile and multifunctional ultrasound handpieces suitable
for prophylaxis, endodontics and periodontal procedures,
available with or without fibre optic for LED lighting
Ultrasound handpiece specially designed for oral surgery,
implantology and osteotomy, available with an extensive
range of special tips for any treatment requirements
• constantly self-regulated frequency from 25 up to 32 kHz
• coolant delivery adjustable from zero to max flow rate
• Endo and Perio functions
• completely autoclavable
• directly interchangeable with the Piezolight 6 scaler,
whereas instrument tubing has to be substituted for the
Piezosteril 6 scaler. The Surgison 2 handpiece is always
automatically detected and driven by the unit
• completely autoclavable
• the unit-integrated optional peristaltic pump ensures
completely aseptic cooling by dedicated liquids
Leda LED
An LED technology curing light for light-sensitive
compounds with emission times programmable between
20 and 60 seconds
• time setting indicator LED
• pointing, direct emission or progressive
incremental emission
• emission tone
• electric and thermal protection
• light guide suitable for autoclave sterilisation
Goldspeed Handpieces
Contra-angles and straight handpieces designed to meet
all-round dental needs, built from special materials by
applying high precision micromechanics processes
• full titanium body (except E16)
• inbuilt anti-retraction device
• internal spray
• inbuilt fibre optics (S1-L, M5-L, R20-L)
• ceramic bearings (M5-L)
• external and hollow bur cooling (R20-L)
• completely autoclavable
lightweight, compact curing light with an exclusive design
that allows use as both a direct version or 120° angled
• high power LED up to a maximum of 1,800 mW/cm2
• 430 - 490 nm emission band
• 6 pre-set programmes

Skema 6
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    The Patient Chair
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    Functional comfortFootrestHeadrestAdjustable footrest made from special anti-bacterial,anti-odour material. It can be extended for taller patientsand removed...
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    Design and materialsMultifunctional foot control unitAvailable as an optional feature, the padded upholsteryoffers improved anatomical support and helps...
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    From conservative dentistryto oral surgerySkema 6 is equipped with a comprehensiverange of instruments at the cutting edgeof technological development,...
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    Implantor LED MicromotorLAECLatest-generation brushless Micromotor designed to coverany conservative, prosthetic, endodontic, implantologyand oral surgery...
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    Multimedia and accessoriesMultimedia systemThe C-U2 PRO camera provides images via three differentfocal adjustments. The camera thin distal profile facilitatesaccess...
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    Integrated laserThe possibility to incorporate an optional diode laser in the dentist’s module opens upa wide range of treatment possibilities. The...
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    Hygiene and Asepsis
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    Passive hygiene devicesBefore operating any active protection device, several dental unit design features canbe used to dramatically reduce the risk of...
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    Active hygiene devicesAutosteril AMWB* - continuous disinfection system coupled to an airgap separation from mains water device in accordance with EN...
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